Queen City Landing - Mixed use development proposal

Buffalo, New York

The concept design includes expansion and re-development of a six-story concrete (former factory) structure into a mixed-use building. The first floor is conceived as having retail/commercial space, with storefronts and access on both the north and south faces. The second floor is dedicated to private, secure, and heated parking for residents. Floors three through six are subdivided into varied sizes of residential units. The building is expanded vertically, with 2-story penthouse units, which also provides gardens and vegetated roofs.

New balconies and recesses help visually sub-divide the building into smaller components, creating a more appropriate residential scale. By placing the stair/elevator towers on the exterior of the north façade, a new rhythm is introduced. The stairwells have both translucent and transparent glazing, resulting in visually striking images during daylight hours and at night.

Additional Residential structures, Fitness Center, as well as a hotel and Entertainment Complex, were also contemplated as part of the full development plan.