Stieglitz Snyder Architecture, Buffalo, New York, emerged to respond to the continually more complex social and economic challenges presented by our clients and to the inevitable changes created through technological advances. The firm embodies the dedication to improvement of built and natural environments that was the original vision of Environmental Design Associates established in Buffalo in 1970 by Architect David Stieglitz. That original firm restructured into Stieglitz Stieglitz Mach, p.c. and provided architectural services for clients throughout New York State and the eastern United States during the 1980's and 1990's.

By virtue of the collective experience of it's members, members who have worked together for over a decade, Stieglitz Snyder Architecture excels in managing each project in a manner that assures the specific issues of each project are addressed appropriately and innovatively. The firm is committed to providing the quality of architectural services founding partner David Stieglitz has delivered throughout his 30 years in practice in a manner that emphasizes the goals and visions of each client.