Stieglitz Snyder Architecture (SSA) was originally established by David Stieglitz in 1970 as Environmental Design Associates - with clear commitments to client satisfaction, design excellence, and uncompromised sensitivity to overarching environmental needs - then largely undefined and/or ignored. Over the years the Firm has evolved to keep pace with our clients' social and economic challenges as well as profound technological advances. All of our work, project and research based, has remained true to its original environmental/"green" roots.

Historically, our client base has been equally divided between public and private institutions and corporations throughout the United States and, more recently, Latin America and Canada - we now operate a second office in St. Catharines, Ontario. Our project portfolio demonstrates extensive experience in educational facilities planning and design at all institutional levels - private and public school systems, colleges, and universities. The firm has also served key corporate and public members of the broadcasting/communication industry for twenty-five years including: Hearst/Argyle, Cap-Cities ABC (now Disney), CNN Post/Newsweek, Sinclair and Gateway Communications, etc. SSA also has had considerable planning and design experience in housing/residential facilities as well as in many civic, cultural and commercial projects. The Firm has also developed particular niche experience and expertise in fire house design, broadcast communications facilities and related communications technologies.

Over the years, we have won numerous awards for both the quality of our designs and technological innovations - particularly in energy conservation. Outstanding examples include: the National A.I.A. award "Best School of the Year" for the Charles Drew Science Magnet School; the US Department of Energy's "100 Best Examples of Energy Conservation" for WKBW Channel 7 broadcast facility; and ASHRAE's "Best Example of Daylighting" for University Corporate Center office park, corporate headquarters for Uniland Development Company, Inc.

Stieglitz Snyder Architecture is comprised of licensed professionals including architects, planners, LEED™ accredited professionals, and a core of technical staff- most of whom have been working together as a team for almost two decades. SSA will continue to work tirelessly to maintain and improve the quality of service to its clients as well as continue to produce the best architecture in the most timely and cost effective manner possible on their behalf.

Our fundamental goal is to assist each of our clients in realizing their project goals by: 1) carefully assessing needs, 2) developing responsive and cost conscious design solutions, 3) applying appropriate new technologies, and 4) by managing their projects superbly well.