425 Franklin Street - Office Interiors

Buffalo, New York

Located in the historic Allentown Neighborhood District, this structure was erected in 1887 as a private residence. The exterior of this brick Victorian style building has remained mostly as originally built, but the interior had been adapted to suit the needs of various commercial functions including multiple radio stations in the 1980's and 1990's.

In 2004 the building was purchased by Stieglitz Snyder Architecture and converted to office space for the firm. The interior condition was very poor and required significant re-design and extensive renovation, including new partitions, new HVAC, electrical and data, plumbing and all new finishes. Through the demolition phase it was discovered that the plaster beneath the 70's faux wood paneling was badly damaged and needed to be removed. However, beneath the plaster was the interior surface of the solid red brick exterior walls, which offered a suitable finish for the office spaces. A monumental carved oak staircase was also preserved.

New finishes were selected based on sustainable design considerations. For instance, all paint, stains and urethane finishes are low or no VOC products. The carpeting was manufactured from recycled materials and is recyclable. Natural slate floor tile is used in the vestibule and first floor bathroom. High efficiency products for the HVAC system combine with programmed thermostats to minimize energy consumption. Lighting was accomplished with direct/indirect pendant luminaires using T-5 lamps.

In 2010, firm growth required expansion into the third floor, which had previously served as storage space. Compliance with current building codes resulted in the creation of a new exit stair from the third floor to the ground level. A local artist was commissioned to fabricate and install the custom steel railings. A new, more contemporary color palette was selected for the third floor studio, and extended to the main conference room.