Jeffrey Kloetzer

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Mr. Kloetzer has over 14 years experience in the field of Architecture with an emphasis on programming and design. He is committed to design exploration that results in the optimal solution for our clients. Mr. Kloetzer strives to implement a design process that incorporates solutions from our entire design team. Mr. Kloetzer takes a project from design through coordination and technical documentation recognizing the importance of consistent involvement in all aspects of the project. Mr. Kloetzer has been involved in a broad range of projects for both public and private clients, focusing primarily on civic and educational type facilities.

Mr. Kloetzer's responsibilities also include code review and compliance with local and state standards. In particular he has recently submitted several projects to the State Education Department and State Historic Preservation Board for approvals.

Mr. Kloetzer oversees the preparation of SSA's graphic and marketing materials, including development of our website. Mr. Kloetzer is responsible for the firm's technology strategy and oversees decisions regarding software implementation and network development.