Robert Shepard

Design Partner | email

Mr. Shepard began work in the architectural profession in 1983 and has been working with David Stieglitz since 1985. During this time he has contributed to the realization of a broad range of projects and building types for numerous public and private clients. In particular, he specializes in the design of civic/municipal projects, educational facilities, office buildings, urban design, and residential developments. Mr. Shepard has worked directly with Universities, School Districts, Government Agencies, Church Organizations, Fire Districts, Developers and Construction Managers. Mr. Shepard is a strong proponent of environmentally responsible design and maintains accreditation as a LEED Design Professional. Recently, Mr. Shepard has attained certification from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Mr. Shepard is the partner in charge of design for the firm. He is always conscientious about the quality of architecture and balances a quest for excellence with a practical sensitivity regarding budget and cost control. He participates in the complete range of architectural services including space programming, conceptual master planning, building/site design, interior design, construction drawings and specifications, construction administration, CADD design and 3D computer modeling. He has been responsible for managing a full range of small, medium and large-scale projects involving new structures, reconstruction, expansion projects and site development.

Currently, Mr. Shepard is working on a Master Plan for the Greenville School District which includes the conceptual design of new K-12 expansion and Community Event Center; developing Schematic Designs for mid-rise Condominium buildings and Clubhouse as part of 52 acre residential development in Brighton, NY; designing a Sustainability Center for the Tifft Nature Preserve, in association with the Buffalo Museum of Science; and working with multiple volunteer fire companies for their renovation and expansion plans. July, 2009 marked the opening of the new Embassy Suites hotel at the AVANT building in downtown Buffalo. Mr. Shepard served as the partner-in-charge for the award winning $83 million transformation of the former Dulski Federal office building into a contemporary mixed use complex referred to as the AVANT building. Building functions include Class "A" office space and residential condominiums, in addition to the hotel, restaurants and retail spaces.

Mr. Shepard shares in the firm's marketing responsibilities and oversees the preparation of written and graphic materials used for promotional purposes.

Mr. Shepard collaborates with other designers and project architects to assure consistency in the design quality of the firm's work. Through his focus on design, Mr. Shepard remains cognizant that there is symbiotic relationship between the Owner and Architect in the creation of good architectural solutions- functionality, sustainability, aesthetics and costs need equal consideration to achieve project success.