Frederick Douglass Towers Redevelopment Project

Buffalo, New York

The main goal of this project was to reintroduce a sense of residential community into a failed 1950's public housing project. Nine of the original twelve - (7) story towers will be demolished with the project being constructed under 3 separate phases. This phasing will include the construction of 135 new town homes with unit mixes from 1 bedroom handicap to 5 bedroom family units, and the complete rehabilitated of 2 towers to include the construction of 112 senior apartments. Creating a sense of residential community in an urban setting was achieved by introducing tree lined streets, pitched roofs, covered front porches, and traditional architectural details on both town homes and towers. These traditionally residential design implements have created new street blocks, new vistas and most importantly a new sense of community. Future phasing will include a community center, which will serve as the corner stone in the rebirth of a neighborhood.